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With health and safety requirements becoming more dominant in society, moving from what was personal health and safety, now to environmental, those involved in the lawful use of firearms as part of their occupation, in sport or hunting, are necessarily affected by noise constraints and restrictions, and for a very good reason.

Hearing-loss tops the injury list for those using firearms in their work activities, in sporting pursuits, or for hunting. For the sports shooter in urban areas, nuisance noise leading to noise complaints from neighbouring property owners, place pressure on local government councils and are forcing the closure of shooting-ranges in many locations.

To respond to the auditory challenges of firearm use, MAE Ltd are in the business of manufacturing high-quality firearm moderators, (suppressors) implanting the latest technology and applying modern design to assist in the prevention of hearing-loss from the lawful use of firearms for the benefit and protection of the shooter and those within the noise footprint area.

MAE Sound moderators are an engineered solution to an age old problem, don't take risks with your hearing. An effective sound moderator is a lot cheaper than hearing "aids" (more than one). You only need one effective sound moderator to aid both ears and every one around you!

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Improve your shooting experience!

Improve your shooting experience!

Want to shoot more accurately, eliminate flinching & reduce recoil. Worried about whether or not your suppressor will go the distance? Look no further, at MAE we have the solution to your problem.

Why MAE?

Why MAE?

All our products provide Accuracy, Reliability, Peformance & Longevity.

Hi the MAE team. You may remember doing some work on a suppressor for my Bruno .243 - I live on Waiheke Id. I got the rifle home, sighted it in on a target and got a bullseye first shot. I thought why fiddle around any more, and so I have been using it since, and have had no problems at all. It has been shooting very well. So I just wanted to say thanks again for your excellent service! It's kind of rare these days, unfortunately. I will have no hesitation in recommending you guys. All the best,

Rob Morton

Waiheke Island, North Island

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Paul Hill, Director of the Corinium Rifle Range, UK, reviews the new Compact. outshot both the other moderators, why? I have no idea. Better barrel harmonics? The bushless design? I'm still puzzled!

Frazer Winskill with his Sako in 300 WSM with the T42 ST. Deer taken at 565 yards.

Sighted in the 300WSM with the MAE can on and it halved the group sizes, down to 16mm (@105m) with my long range loads.

Doug Cole’s 204 Ruger with the T12 Scout. Deer taken at 270 meters

I finally managed to get out this afternoon to try out the 204 suppressor, bloody awesome as you can see by the attached pic.