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    News & Information — Gallery

    Muzzle Cans in Action!

    Father & Son, Keith (left) with his CZ 527 in .17 Hornet and Morgan (right) with his Browning BLR in ,243 Win with a couple of good sized gobblers. Great Shooting Guys!


    Keith  bags his first Peacock with the CZ 527 in .17 Hornet  fitted with the 22 WM ST muzzle can.

    Troy Mullany 8 years old, shot his first deer using a 222 Rem fitted with a 224 ST muzzle can. Well done Troy, what a Dude! 

    T Series In Action!

    Dylan Arnopp adds another stag to the list, taken with his Rem 243 Win fitted with a T12 ST moderator.

    Dylan Arnopp (The one with the big smile!) takes this nice stag with the Rem 243 Win with the T12 ST. Well done Dylan!

    150lb+ porker falls to Sam Walter's 300 Win mag fitted with the 30 COMPACT moderator. Notice he always keeps his rifle clean!