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    News & Information — How Blueshield Works

    Coherent Fields

    Article courtesy of Blushield

    Coherent Fields EMF Protection
    At first we developed a machine that would protect people from the harmful effects of EMF. Sure it does all that, (see blood tests) but what we didn’t know is that it does a lot more than just that!

    We found out it created coherence (unity, balance, stability) within people’s lives. In the form of better health, better emotional stability, increased sense of wellbeing and more happiness. Whatever the change it made in a person’s life, it contributed to the balance of the users overall wellbeing holistically.

    Now the machine never made the change itself, what we found is that the Blushield bought about the right circumstances for change to take place. The catalyst if you like. A catalyst is involved in a reaction but never is used up. What a catalyst does is increase one’s energy levels to such a degree that we feel like making a change, we have more resources and more power to make a change and a positive change at that. So relieving the body of stress related from EMF we found that the balance was brought back in people’s lives. This balance could be the normalizing of blood pressure, euphoria, being able to sleep better. Even non-living things are brought back into balance (my car runs smoother with more power).

    The Blushield induces coherence in the environment in which it is used. In doing so, incoherent fields do not have as much as an effect on the body. Nothing is ever 100% effective but we believe the Blushield does a very good job at stopping the incoherent fields effecting our emotions and physical wellbeing.

    Dietary factors play a significant part in our wellbeing along with emotional factors, they go hand in hand.

    Our bodies naturally respond to coherent fields and positive environmental influences instantaneously, whereas the body takes some time to start to respond to any negative frequencies or environmental influences. So setting up a positive coherent field is very important for us to maintain a healthy equilibrium; both positive mind and body. You can do just this by using a Blushield.

    Coherence in our Life
    Coherence in our lives may present itself in many different shapes and forms. Here is a list of coherent things:

    • Positive people
    • Good diet
    • Abundance
    • Healthy
    • Happiness
    • A range of mineral supplements
    • Stable relationships
    • Natural environment
    • Blushield
    • Incoherence

    The other side of the coin presents us with plenty of incoherence in our lives, some of which we may or may not be aware of.

    • Negative people
    • Bad diet
    • Lack
    • Unhealthy
    • Sadness
    • Unstable relationships
    • City environment
    • EMF, wifi, radio waves
    • Smart Meters
    • Smart Phones
    • Full moon influence
    • Planetary alignments

    Blushield Creates Coherence
    The Blushield emits a coherent field that will impact on incoherent things or people in our local environment. Portables are good for out and about usage, but making your entire home or office a coherent environment is where the plug-in models come into their own. Initially an incoherent environment does not suddenly change with the introduction of a coherent field, but a change is noted when a Blushield is introduced into the local environment. This change may take a few days to establish with lasting effects.

    It may take several days up to several weeks for one’s body to adjust to the new coherence in the environment. Once adjusted however incoherence becomes more noticeable when you are outside the coherent field and experience the ‘normal’ world, especially to sensitive individuals. Some people however are so used to incoherence that they are somewhat numbed to the world and maybe less sensitive and therefore may overlook any and all change.

    Coherence With Plants & Animals
    The coherent field the Blushield emits is designed using natural laws and principles. Its effects are very evident with plants and animals and create enough coherence to see plant growth increase and animal health levels improve. So even plants and animals are affected by incoherent factors in their local environment. All living things benefit from coherence therefore they all benefit from the Blushield. This rules out any psychosomatic factors or belief systems about what should or shouldn’t happen when using these devices.

    Start Today
    Imagine a world without incoherence, there would be no negativity, no wars, no sadness and no disease. Of course this is an unrealistic view and possibly wouldn’t happen, as most people need contrast to understand what it is like to be unhappy in order to be happy etc. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can create your own coherence in your life, by introducing an influence that promotes coherence. We believe with Blushield we are doing just that.

    Creating coherence at a personal level and within the environment we live and work in, is a start in the right direction. Just imagine a world largely full of coherence. If we could do this firstly by using an influence (Blushield) to create coherence, it is a move in the right direction. I guess the rest is up to us. If we have the energy to create more coherence in our lives, the people around us will feel better too. At least we can start to change things for the positive, one person at a time. We invite you to join us in the quest for a coherent world. Blushield is a good place to start; we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking part.
    Thank you

    Active EMF Protection Technology

    Article courtesy of Blueshield

    Blushield Active EMF Protection Technology is an Active solution for EMF (emissions from wireless products or items powered by mains power) which is one form of incoherence within our environment. The Blushield uses power to mitigate EMF (electromagnetic fields) at a cell level. This is called Active EMF Protection Technology because the Blushield is using powerful fields instead of weak passive fields that may transmute energies or EM fields. Passive devices can be stickers, pendants or pyramids, all of which seem to be far less effective at bringing coherence to the body and environment. In a lot of cases these passive technologies are short lived or become useless over time as the energy is static and doesn’t adjust to the environment.

    Active protection provides a long term solution to a wide range of incoherent signals within our environment, of which EMF is only one. See our page on coherent fields.

    As a tuning fork resonates so too does another tuning fork when we bring the vibrating one close enough within range of it. This is called sympathetic resonance. In effect this is how the Blushield works. A coherent field is produced and it is brought within our local environment, as long as all the right attributes are there the body will in turn become more coherent (in balance).

    When there is coherence in the body this may cause some of the following results:

    • more energy
    • less fatigue
    • more balance
    • increased stamina
    • more strength
    • less stress
    • better mood
    • sounder sleep
    • less irritable
    • more relaxed
    • more coherent

    Most people experience positive improvements immediately with some reporting previous symptoms of incoherence disappearing.
    The body responds to the Blushield’s coherent field because of:

    • Coherent resonances that are familiar to our cells: we have evolved with these over eons
    • Blushield is mimicking nature but much more powerfully
    • Blushield’s coherent field overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation
    • Blushield’s coherent waveform is engineered to achieve maximum effectiveness

    How Blushield Works

    Article courtesy of Blushield

    Quite simply when you plug-in a Blushield or switch on a portable it starts emitting a symphony of frequencies within the human responsive range. The body will then respond to the Blushield products rather than your Wi-Fi, smart meter or mobile phone. This is called sympathetic resonance. Your body would much rather respond to natural frequencies than man made EMF, whatever shape or form they come in.

    Blushield makes typical Schumann devices (7.83Hz earth resonance devices) look old school. The types of devices on the market today seem to be using the same technology which we proved to be ineffective long term back in the 90’s. The Technology behind Blushield is the most advanced EMF protection on the planet. Developing this technology has taken the best part of 25 years and over 2 million dollars to develop.

    Our aim was to develop an EMF protection device that would work with everyone, not just some people and to ultimately protect people from the health effects of EMF. Something which we could prove scientifically using blood tests, evaluate and duplicate. We also knew that for most people to be able to afford protection we had to market a device that would be affordable to the average person, unlike so many other devices currently available. The best product at the best price is something we wish to maintain.

    So many products that emit an actual electromagnetic frequency use coils or the equivalent of a coil. These are both costly and use a lot of power, reducing battery life and causing interference with other electronic devices. Coils also cause stress on the body. We use microprocessor technology to emit the field and this is both effective and uses very little power.

    The waveform is engineered to be precise and effective in harmony with the body. We are not using single frequencies like Schumann devices or Solfeggio Frequencies as they do not work long term.

    The Blushield obeys all natural laws pertaining to body systems, therefore we see more effective protection from EMF along with enhanced coherence. We also obey the body’s natural rhythms and cycles.

    Blushield works very well for plants and animals: this dispels any psychosomatic factors or placebo effect.