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    Integrated Moderating Systems (IMS)

    Integrated Moderating Systems (IMS)

    The IMS was designed for shooters who require the benefits of maximum noise and recoil reduction, requiring a slim sound moderator, with clean lines and appearing as if it were a stock standard factory feature, not an accessory.


    • Range Shooting
    • Target Shooting
    • Deer Stalking
    • Long Range Shooting
    • Pest Control
    • Harvesting
    • Law enforcement & Military


    • MAE takes pride in producing the IMS range, able to fit any bolt-action rifle irrespective of make, and engineering the finish to give the customer a product that would make it near impossible to distinguish as an after market retro-fit.
    • Producing the most effective fully integrated system in both noise and recoil reduction.
    • The IMS range caters for all calibres from .22 Long rifle, 17 HMR, 22 Win Mag, 223 Rem through to .300 Winchester magnum.
    • The IMS design is a completely enclosed moderating system which encompasses the entire barrel length.
    • The IMS II & IMS III models have been designed to be used with factory high velocity ammunition.
    • No internal tube allows for a smaller diameter exterior moderator tube to be used.
    • The moderator can be easily removed from the barrel to allow access for cleaning.
    • The internal cartridge located within the moderator tube (IMS II & IMS III models only) accepts the threaded muzzle of the barrel, ensuring precise bore alignment and accuracy.
    • The cartridge (IMS II & IMS III models only) uses the energy developed from the gun-shot to set the cartridge against the thread shoulder, eliminating a high level of recoil, and mitigating muzzle lift.
    • The barrel channel of the rifle-stock is precisely machined to ensure that the moderator tube is completely free-floated, improving accuracy.
    • Finishes either brushed stainless or black (Gun Kote 2410F).

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