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    T Series Over-Barrel Moderators

    T Series Over-Barrel Moderators

    The "T" series over-barrel range of products has been designed for shooters or hunters who require a product offering maximum noise and recoil reduction, with minimal muzzle over-hang.


    • Range Shooting
    • Target Shooting
    • Deer Stalking
    • Long Range Shooting
    • Pest Control
    • Harvesting
    • Dangerous Game
    • Law enforcement & Military


    • Encompassing a portion of the barrels exterior creating a sealed rear expansion chamber, thus preventing any exhausting gases coming into contact with the exterior of the rifle barrel.
    • The XTREME and COMPACT range are lightweight, increased structual integrity,noise and recoil reduction, with improved down-range accuracy.
    • The XTREME and COMPACT models do not have a synthetic bush at the rear of the moderator. These models can be quickly removed and fitted to other rifles of the same calibre and thread size without the need to have a separate rear bush machined to suit each rifle. These models are designed for high output. The open rear section allows for maximum cooling of the barrel and moderator.
    • Able to be retro-fitted to other rifles of the same or smaller calibres, with the same thread size. 
    • Standard models will accept sporter & varmint barrel profiles, custom models for target & bench-rest barrel profiles. Will fit round, triangular and fluted barrels.
    • Sealed units, require no internal maintenance.
    • Maximum noise reduction, ideal for use in all shooting and hunting applications, shooting over or around dogs, live-stock, horses etc.
    • Maximum recoil reduction, reduced flinching, resulting in accurate shot placement.
    • 100% 304 grade stainless construction.
    • High corrosion resistance.
    • Welded construction for maximum strength.
    • 5000x round minimum service life.
    • Black finish: Gun Kote 2401F
    • Calibres from 17 MACH II through to 45/70 Government