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    With health and safety regulations becoming more dominant in society, moving from what was personal health and safety, to the environmental, those involved in the lawful use of firearms as part of their occupation, in sport or hunting, are inevitably affected by noise constraints and restrictions, and for a very good reason.

    Hearing-loss tops the injury list for those using firearms in their work activities, sporting pursuits, or for hunting. For the sports shooter in urban areas, nuisance noise from shooting resulting in complaints from neighbouring property owners, place pressure on regulatory bodies and is forcing the closure of shooting-ranges in many locations.

    To respond to the auditory challenges of firearm use, MAE Ltd are in the business of manufacturing high-quality firearm moderators, (suppressors) imploying the latest technology and applying modern design to assist in the prevention of hearing-loss from the lawful use of firearms for the benefit and protection of the shooter and those within the noise footprint area.

    As shooters ourselves, we seek to ensure our experience and knowledge of noise suppression is passed on to susequent generations to enable them to safely participate in the sports of shooting and hunting, which have been shared and enjoyed by participants for many years.

    Firearm Moderators Auckland

    Photo: Supplied by Tim Gale