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    Following are the benefits from using an MAE sound moderator:

    1. Reduces risk of hearing loss to the firearm operator.
    2. Reduces risk of  hearing loss to those within the noise footprint area.
    3. Allows the hunter to maximise his or her hearing when hunting/ deer stalking, to clearly define sounds to aid with identification of target species.
    4. Reduces risk of frightening when shooting over dogs, near horses or around live-stock.
    5. Negates flinching when a shooter anticipates both the gun-shot or the recoil.
    6. Greatly reduces the quantity of ammunition required to sight in a rifle.
    7. Reduces flinching that results in wounded or lost game.
    8. More efficient than muzzle brakes, due to the added benefits of both noise and recoil reduction, mitigating the detrimental affects caused to those within the muzzle blast zone.
    9. Allows new or younger shooters to experience use of larger calibres without the detrimental effects of the excessive blast noise and violent recoil. Which will result in lost and wounded game.
    10. Allows shooters to concentrate on correct shooting techniques and body position etc.
    11. Reduction of the blast noise means the target species cannot determine the point of origin of the shot.
    12. Prevents unnecessary nuisance noise that results in neighbouring property owners forcing the closure of shooting ranges.
    13. Dramatically reduces muzzle jump, allowing a quick follow up shot.
    14. Increases velocity and energy.
    15. Reduces muzzle jump allowing shooters to observe bullet impact and to make precise adjustments.
    16. Allows clear and audible instructions between spotter and shooter.
    17. Eliminates dust signature produced by muzzle blast.
    18. Eliminates muzzle flash (post barrel flaming) resulting in possible fire hazard to surrounding combustible material/ vegetation etc.

    Benefits of MAE Moderators

    Photo: Supplied by Tim Gale